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Venitian Carnaval

Annecy Venetian Carnival 

from March 15 th to 17th ,2019

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Annecy Lake

 It is the second largest lake of glacial origin in France by area. Renowned for its cleanliness is one of the cleanest lakes in the world known for its many water sports, fishing, cycling, marathon and paragliding. Environmental qualities allow the observation of a preserved nature.

Day Lake is a fireworks display, one of the largest fireworks Europe (it takes about 1 hour 30 minutes) punctuated by a musical theme, which takes place every year on the first Saturday in August (since 1978 whereas before it took place on Sunday). It is taken from the lake, facing Pâquier in Annecy. More than 40,000 tickets are sold (stands and lawns) and more than 150 000 people attended the event from the lake, the surrounding hills and mountains or boats gathered behind the firing zone of fire of artifice.

Crossing the lake to swim is held every August 15. There are two races organized (2400m and 1000m) but also open to licensed amateurs. For the first time in 2008, joined the Lake Crossing Cup circuit in France of open water swimming.

Venetian Carnival takes place every year in late winter. Annecy, with canals running through its historic heart, is known as the Venice of the Alps. Hundreds of masks wander slowly and freely in the streets of Old Annecy and in the gardens of Europe for a whole weekend, pose, parade come together on the podiums.